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  1. Survey Results # 2

    Over half the people surveyed carried their perfumes with them on a daily basis with the common concerns amongst travellers being bottle size, wanting leak proof bottles, which are allowed on planes.
  2. Great use for perfume

    In a short time of perfume obsession, I've amassed a scarrily large amount of samples and scents. Many of which I like perfectly well, but just don't really wear so I went searching for alternative uses for the stuff. My absolute favourite, using a couple drops to scent your bath water, came from Katie Puckrik's Blog -

    Great idea and works really well. I first tried Songes by Annick Goutal. I had a tester in splash bottle and found the scent on the ...
  3. Against Niggardliness in Modern Perfumery. Plaint 2. Part B.

    [B]Let me make my position crystal clear:[/B] I do not oppose the provision of samples by small niche emporia which represent the perfume houses whose wares they sell. Take Aedes, for example. I love Aedes. I buy some products from them, and they allow me to select seven samples of other perfumes which I might want to buy in the future. It's a win-win situation: my knowledge of perfumes is expanded through being sent samples of perfumes which I might have acquired through the manufacturer, ...
  4. Against Niggardliness in Modern Perfumery. Plaint 2. Part A.

    [B]“Please, sir, may I sniff before I buy?”[/B]

    Although I have plenty of high SPF products at home, I have been known to squirt on some sunscreen from a tester bottle at CVS while shuffling through that store [I]en route[/I] to some other destination. (I walk nearly everywhere I go.) Frequent travelers abroad may similarly avail themselves of the tester bottles out on display in the duty-free shops readily accessible at every international airport. The post-9/11 implementation of ...
  5. Against Niggardliness in Modern Perfumery. Plaint 1.

    [B]The Solution is *Not* Dilution[/B]

    Here in the United States, we live in a “bigger is better” culture, where muffins have grown to the size of loaves of bread, and the girths of those who eat them have expanded proportionately as well. I recently read that British visitors to this not-so-fair land gain an average of 8 lbs during their stay, and this is not without reason. The true clash of civilizations may ultimately be grounded only in this: the concept (or lack thereof) of portion ...