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  1. 2012 winding down, whats your favorite release so far ?

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    Agar Musk by Ramon Monegal

    - deceptively simple yet outstanding in its execution.
  2. Aventus perfume oil

    Just got some of this today , not happy at all . Worse longevity than the edp even though its an oil?! Also I don't think you can wear it like an edp as the oil would mark your shirt if sprayed on your chest ?
  3. What has a blue star shaped bottle and smells like garbage?

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    Phew, I thought you were talking about Angel Men, by the title.
  4. best teenage colognes that get most compliments

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    looking for the best teenage colognes that get the most compliments

    this is my list of colognes i got so far

    a&f fierce - most compliments i get from girls and also guys. beast projection on this one
    pe 360 red - its between good and ok, only worn it like 5 times since i got it
    burberry london - i don't really like it cause it seems like a more mature scent, haven't worn yet, so idk about compliments
    hollister jake - its ok, only worn it twice
  5. Sorceress Scents

    There is an English webshop that sells the most lovely scents.
    They have a large choice of rollerball perfume oils, including Lu*h dupes that are really convincing for a good price.

    Here is the link:
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