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  1. Fakes and counterfeits!!

    by , 20th December 2012 at 10:46 AM (Possum-Pie's making sense of scents)
    I wasn't going to do another Blog before the holidays, but this one kept screaming to be done. As you do your last minute shopping, you will be tempted to enter the dark mysterious world of the "grey market" What is that you ask innocently as you pack your goodies, put on your Riding Hood, and head to Grandma's? Grey Market is a collection of Testers, fakes, counterfeits, old shelf-lives, etc. Fragrances. A tester is a bottle that is legitimate but was produced without box or cap ...
  2. aroma chemicals for incense sticks

    I manufacture incense sticks and looking for detailed list of highly diffusive
    aroma chemicals, compounds with good burning properties.
  3. The Blue Year- L'Heure De Nuit Perfume Review (Review Via The Perfume Candy

    Itís not often that a perfume turns 100 years old, heck itís not often that a person hits the big one double zero, let alone a scent. But in a world where there are a cool 1,200 + perfume launches per year, many of which ride the coat tails of some quasi-celebrity or another whose career is most likely going to be short lived, longevity isnít something thatís guaranteed. So it stands to reason that a perfume which has managed to last for a cool century should be celebrated.
    2012 marks the
  4. looking fragrance if i spray every one ask whats the name?

    hello every one u all are respected and have good experience in looking fragrance with very nice and decent smell also long lasting.if any one one have knowledge non alcoholic perfumes is normally comes in 3ml to 12ml bottle.please let me know thanks.
  5. next bottle of juice

    Hi all . Im going to be looking for 2 more bottles to add to my colection. Problem is i hate going to perfume dealers and getting every crappy powdery or aquatic shoved in my nose after a while my sence of smell goes and they all smell the same after awhile. I want something that is super versatile and pleasing to all . Also i like smells that are different and exotic and not overused or cloying. No aqua de gio. Dont want to waste my money. I will spend up to 200 if the juice is good. Anything in ...
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