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  1. New to this Site, Have a question

    I've recently bought a bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male, I am familiar with the bottle and the fragrance. I am not sure if this bottle that I have bought is authentic or not because the bottle itself have a serial number yet the can does not. I bought this fragrance directly from Amazon and I'm wondering if I have a fake. I have attached pictures of the bottle and the can.
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  2. Thierry Mugler A*Men Pure Coffee

    where can i get Thierry Mugler Pure Coffee is it ever coming back
  3. Wearing fragrances when others complain...

    by , 31st October 2012 at 10:46 PM (Possum-Pie's making sense of scents)
    There is a fine line between "doing what you like" and bothering others. I have heard people say "I don't care if somebody doesn't like my fragrance, I wear it for me..." Wearing fragrance is like smoking, if someone complains, or you are in a closed area, it is poor etiquette to dump on the fragrance. You can do a half spritz on your upper chest under your clothes. The warmth will rise the scent to your nose without blowing anyone else out of the room. Be aware of your ...
  4. Hurricane Sandy frag?

    Quote Originally Posted by neal View Post
    Beantown's getting battered. I'm going with Sel Marin.
  5. New member

    Hi basenoters I am a new to the forums although I quite frequently visited the site for advice and opinions on fragrances. I recently started collecting and wanted to ask you guys what are some "must have" fragrances that I need to add. I prefer designer because they are a bit more affordable. Here's what I currently own:

    Mikes Collection*

    Isseye Myake
    Hanne Mori
    Kenneth Cole Reaction
    Kenneth Cole Black
    Carolina Herrera ...
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