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  1. Materials Safety Data Sheets

    Quote Originally Posted by 4160Tuesdays View Post
    I've just "stepped into the IFRA minefield", as Chris Bartlett so aptly puts it, as I'm in the fortunate position of being invited to sell my scents in a real live shop. (Something I wasn't sure I was quite ready for, but it would be daft to turn down the chance.)

    I thought I'd share what I'm going through. I shan't bore you with the endless internet research I did before getting a recommendation. I'd just say, do see if you can work on recommendations because it saves a
  2. Is body kouros worth owning if you alaready have le male and lolita lempika?

    is body kouros different enough from le male to also own it and is it different enough from lolita lempicka?? i need some opinions
  3. Creed is so far ahead of the game that it takes you months to "get" them

    Quote Originally Posted by Kagey View Post
    I discovered Creed in about 1998, tried lots of them, and I still don't "get" it.
  4. perfumes stores with original designer perfumes in venezuela

    can i shop for original ferumes at great prices in venezuela.If i can i just might have to vacation there this year.
  5. What would be your choice for a honeymoon fragrance for men?

    I'm looking for an fragrance for intimacy.

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