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  1. New Fragrances

    New fragrances to test for reviews. and I am sure some of them will become a big bottle.
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  2. Info about fake perfumes

    I have been wearing Bvlgari perfume for many years and i bought it from a store in a mall and it turned out to be fake. I went back to the store and they wouldn't take it back. It also caused to have rashes on me. I wanted to know if any one knew who i can call or talk to about this problem. I know that it is illegal to sell fake perfumes and especially in the mall. If any one knows what i can do about this problem?

    I had contacted many people from BBB to Consumer complaints ...

    Updated 12th June 2010 at 04:19 PM by shadesofbleu (removed website advertising)

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  3. Perfume & The Perception Of Beauty

    As Basenotes community members we all love perfumes and emphasize on the sense of smell. But how many of us are truly guided by the distinct types of fragrances? Confussing...... ok let me make it clear!

    I mean certain perfumes are associated very closely with particular objects, thoughts, perception and emotion that human life is surrounded by. Most of the people believe that a good fragrance is everything we want ...
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