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  1. Reviews Update!

    The review section has been completely recoded from the ground up. This is to make them compatible with the new site's backend. The recoding of the site should mean that things are less intensive on the server, leading to less crashing. There is also a new Reviews tab on the main menu so you can easily access the latest review.

    Main changes

    • You can now edit your reviews. There is a limit on how many edits you can have, but you get extra edits if you are a Basenotes
    Behind the Scenes
  2. 100 Fragrances Every Frag-Head Guy Should Try, part 33: The End

    So here we are. 99 suggestions down. Because this has meandered for way longer than I thought it would, I wanted to make an easy-to-read list for my own sake, but Basenotes won't let me post a blog entry that long, so I guess I can't.

    Frankly, I’ve surprised myself. For instance, I’ve never considered Bulgari to be a very notable house, but they’ve made this list three times. Of course, I intentionally avoided getting caught up making a list of the most notable classic feminine ...
  3. DIY Suppliers List

    Quote Originally Posted by Boom Boom View Post
    Ok, I promised to add some of my sources once I got off the road. Had a very trying but successful weekend. We lost a very good friend in a tragic accident. The concert for Helping Hands children’s charities benefit we played for was a success though.
    Ok here is my growing suppliers list. If I have questions about one I will not add it.
    Essential Oils.
    Above ~~ This company has every essential oil used or mentioned
  4. Basenotes Orientation Day

    Hopefully this page will help answer all the questions you may have about what has happened to Basenotes. The big issue at the moment is that there are lots of things missing. I'll do my best to communicate with you dates and times when I know them. Some things may take longer to re-appear than others.

    For those of you that are unaware, this version of the site is running on the software that we used previous to May 2013. From May 2013 to October ...

    Updated 12th November 2013 at 10:38 PM by Grant

    Behind the Scenes
  5. Raihaan The Oudh Shop

    Since the year 2013, Raihaan The Oudh Shop has been in the business of delivering 100% agar wood products. Oudh is better known as Dhan al Oudh, Gharu , Eaglewood, Aloes wood and by many other native names.
    Unlike any other Oudh and Bukhur retailer, Raihaan The Oudh Shop began with a different path, swaying it from the commercial grade fragrances that flood the market today. For Oudh enthusiasts such as us, it has always been a point of focus to refine our products and develop them in a way ...
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