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  1. dandadda19's Avatar
    Hi guys, I have owned a number of bottles of cologne version. From the original splash cologne to Eau De cologne . I have only just had the chance to smell the coty version.
    I cannot believe anyone could not distinguish the vast difference between these two fragrances.
    The original versions open with noticeable aldehydes projecting deep Resinous natural notes .Keep your distance for a few minutes and what’s left is a journey into blissful master perfumery.
    The reformulation is sadly a synthetic Mess that has no resemblance at all to the natural powdery floral resinous Beauty of the original
  2. ykell's Avatar
    I have been searching everywhere for information about Henry Jacques, but it seems that few reviews/topics exist. I have been interested in the house for some time and am planing to purchase either Onction or Rose Bulgare Composee (having researched the options these two appeal to me the most) but it will be a blind buy so I'm hoping someone can chime in and discuss either of the two. I own many perfumes, so my main concern is originality. I am so excited to try Henry Jacques!

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