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  1. "Unusual" Sunday Scents

    Another repost from the earlier blogs:

    For a while now, I've been wearing mostly Guerlain scents on Sunday, and more often recently, they've been scents that are usually classed as women's fragrances.

    Now I'm not a firm believer in making a great divide between the types of scents that are masculine or feminine; it seems to me that tastes have been merging a good deal in recent years. A lot of women seem to be losing interest in very sweet, floral scents; and at the same

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  2. Creed: Why "millésimes"?

    After reading the thread about how to pronounce the word "millésime" in French, I wrote a reply in which I mentioned that the word refers to a date, as on a monument or a coin.

    Well, I began to think about this... Why would Creed use this term to name a perfume? So I did a little investigating. I've been looking at a book by Annick le Guérer, Le Parfum: des origines à nos jours (Odile Jacob: Paris, 2005, ISBN 2-7381-1670-1) and I decided to look up Creed in the chapter on

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  3. A Birthday Weekend with Scent Shopping

    My birthday was Thursday, October 9, but I didn't do much to celebrate it that day because I taught all day into the evening, capping the day off by giving an oral midterm exam to my evening class.

    The following day, however, my spouse and I escaped San Francisco, and drove up to Mendocino, about a 150-mile drive inland and then up the coast of California. The town is quite picturesque, with water towers behind many of the older houses and a general late-Victorian atmosphere. It was

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    Personal Reflections
  4. What's So New About Givenchy Pi Neo?

    You might as well admit it. You have a guilty pleasure. Maybe it's the Big Mac. Maybe it's the Whopper. If you're a vegetarian, maybe it's those straight-to-the-hips seasoned fries. It's something you're not proud of liking, and it's probably mass-market stuff.

    Well, my guilty pleasure is a designer fragrance - Givenchy Pi Neo.

    What? Why on Earth would I feel ...
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  5. In my sitting room on New Years Day

    I can smell the Christmas tree. The pine needles have started to fall and the smell of pine is getting ever stronger. Not sure if it really is stronger now than the day we first brought it into the house before Christmas. I had the flu that week and was sad that I couldn't smell the tree. I couldn't smell anything for ages. It was awful. Then I remembered the morning my smell came back. What was the first thing I smelled? Well we have a 2 year old boxer dog who tends to be a bit windy...ok too much ...

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