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  1. Perfume: What Comes Next?

    What is coming next in the world of perfume? Where are we headed? Well, in order to understand that we need to look a bit into the past then at current events to figure out what the next moves will likely be! I originally posted this in a thread as a response to the topic question, but then I realized it was so long that nobody was going to read it in full, and decided to copy it over into a blog post instead

    This is a several-pronged thing so I'll break it down.

    Return ...
    Here and Now
  2. squirrels

    Are pretty good, fried up like chicken. Not very meaty, though, and they are hard to skin--takes two people, and then you have to be very careful to pick off the loose hair that sticks to it. Kinda have to depend on creamed potatoes, honey and biscuits to round things out. There's always milk gravy to supply the fat, but for some reason greenbeans, picked that morning and cooked down half the day with bacon, seems to be the other thing required.

    Squirrels are sure as hell indigenous ...
  3. Rogue Perfumery: New Batches Underway

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    I am presently finishing my amber bases and jasmine base to formulate a new batch. Chypre-Siam should be ready for bottling by early 2019.

  4. incense

    I am currently burning a benzoin gum combined with cedar resin that I bought and mixed. These and other wonderful incense resins are available at a copperative that sets up once each month here in Brazil where I am teaching. I find that of the resins available, this benzoin and the cedar are the highest quality. I also ALWAYS buy Palo Santo wood. It comes in nice broken pieces that smell good without burning them- much like the electric ozone smell just before a rain. Then, when the Palo Santo wood ...
  5. They're everywhere

    I have a psychiatrist. I've had other pyschiatrists--they've all tried their damnest, even the one who flipped the doctor/patient relationship mid-session. Even he earned his fee by helping me accept that I didn't need a psychiatrist, the number up to five now that have taken my case and dismissed me to annual appointments for paperwork. I am what I am, subject to physiologic, prolonged adrenaline surges triggered by the obvious and ambiguous. I know PTSD now when I feel it, and yet still sometimes ...
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