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  2. Montale update please

    Quote Originally Posted by cameron View Post
    Iíll be in NYC in 2 weeks.

    Which store has the best Montale collection? Want to sample as many as I can. Want to stay in Manhattan and not going to other boroughs.

    Excited about sampling their collection and buying a few more.
    Loving Boise fruite and honey Oud along with Mancera lemon mint.
  3. Femme

    Not exactly Egghead Weds Hourglass but not far from it; Peaches and Cream Floral meets Cumin Leather Chypre. The contrast is extreme, the balance precarious and perfect. This was only the third perfume by Roudnitska and already a first masterpiece.

    Roudnitska wasn't content with turning out mere pretty perfume, he liked to use odd themes in his work, and in Femme the stone he threw into the pool was cumin.

    Femme is a lactonic, pink fruity floral with a dark bitter ...

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  4. Who gets it all when YOU die?

    I am 56 years old. I began "collecting" fragrances in the late 1970's. I saved the empty bottles, amassing a huge inventory of beautiful vessels (at one time, over 500 bottles), for display purposes, after the liquid was long gone. I blew money on various new scents in between, all those years of collecting, whenever I had the opportunity to find them, and funds allowed such luxury. This, was long before internet shopping so by 1991 I had so many empty (and newly purchased) bottles ...
  5. Chanel No.5 for the purse (dab)

    I'm posting this to give people a closer look at a recent purchase.

    So, what would drive me to buy more No.5 extrait? It's not like I was hurting for supply, and this example, which appeared to date to the 1980s, didn't look to be particularly rare. Still, there were a few things that caught my eye.

    The box was still in cellophane when I bought it, which meant there was some question as to what was inside. I knew it was a dab bottle, since there was no indication that ...
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