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  1. Seasonal wear or when can I wear this?

    by , 29th November 2012 at 04:00 PM (Possum-Pie's making sense of scents)
    You will hear many opinions on appropriate times to wear different fragrances. Some folks say not to wear citrus in the winter, others say no gourmands in the summer. The bottom line is wear what you want when you want to...with a few guidelines. Gourmands such as vanilla, sugar, maple, or any sweet smelling fragrance tends to be cloying, or thick in the heat and humidity of summer. These are best worn in cooler weather. By the same token, if you are going to a party where you know there will ...
  2. The most Voluptuous Feminine perfume?

    What fragrance have you smelled on a woman, or you like to wear yourself that for you expresses the idea of a Voluptuous, sexy (not necessarily naughty, but why not?) very feminine and seductive?
  3. The Cleanest Men's fragrance?

    Which is a fragrance you have smelled on a man or you like to wear yourself that gives the idea of Clean, a nice clean smell for men?
    Tags: clean, masculine
  4. choose a winner

    hi guys i was just wondering what fragrance you think is better out of the following:versace pour homme,versace man eau fraiche or dolce gabanna light blure pour homme thanks!
  5. Carrera pour homme (VA) or (CO) ?

    Quote Originally Posted by carrera View Post
    Hi All

    Who knows the difference between Carrera pour homme by Vaproo (VA / CO) ? I bought two times each one different signature (text on bottom of outer package)..... little different scent.. different water color! thats strange but VA seems to be better, last longer and nicer. I need to know what is different (older?) and if anybody knows which one he used to wear before ?

    Images here:

    Many Thanks
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