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  1. Rogue Perfumery: New Batches Now Available

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    Some of the materials for Mousse Illuminee: rose otto, cypress leaf and wormwood (artemisia) EO, frankincense resin

    The new batches of Mouse Illuminee and Chypre-Siam are now being bottled and will be available again for purchase.
    Late last autumn, when the original batches reached their halfway point, I immediately set out to begin formulating new ones. Then arrived the hurdles!..

    Continued here:
  2. NEW: Memo - Eau De Memo!

    Eau de Memo: A scent in a sublime ivory hued bottle, it is the work of a sorceress and a perfume of palimpsests the layers take hours to resonate ; not until I go to bed can I just winkle out the jasmine its so elusive. memo says its oriental ; fougere to me, damp foliage, brittle, cold moss, especially the bitter green tea element , bergamot breezes in, later zephers of lemon zest float by, leather notes linger then vanish, hours pass and the buttery iris appears with saffron. The musk does not ...
  3. Another concert

    Another concert and another year, from Marilyn Manson to John Prine. It was brutal. Now, I got nothing against John Prine--except how his songs are all sad or horrible.

    I have to start at the beginning. I'd never been to the Grand Ole Opry House. I didn't know the Grand Ole Opry House was in the Grand Ole Parking Lot of Opry Mills Mall. Therefore. When I saw the big flashing sign that said event traffic exit 12, mall traffic exit 11, I thought to myself...what to do? What to ...
  4. Who wants to be Boss?

    Sometimes life proceeds through conflict. According to the philosopher Hegel this happens when a force reacts with its opposite and out of the resulting conflict something better is created. To put it in his terminology, thesis plus antithesis leads to synthesis on a higher level.

    A good example comes from a period exactly one hundred years ago when two of the greatest perfumers were at the height of their powers. When Jacques Guerlain smelt his rival's ground breaking Chypre he didn't ...

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  5. Perfume: What Comes Next?

    What is coming next in the world of perfume? Where are we headed? Well, in order to understand that we need to look a bit into the past then at current events to figure out what the next moves will likely be! I originally posted this in a thread as a response to the topic question, but then I realized it was so long that nobody was going to read it in full, and decided to copy it over into a blog post instead

    This is a several-pronged thing so I'll break it down.

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