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    I am really interested in using aroma chemicals in candles. Iíve been able to determine safety levels for perfumes and other skin products, but I am having a hard time determine the safety level and maximum quantity allowed for certain ingredients. If anyone can direct me to a great resource, I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. Materials Safety Data Sheets

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    I've just "stepped into the IFRA minefield", as Chris Bartlett so aptly puts it, as I'm in the fortunate position of being invited to sell my scents in a real live shop. (Something I wasn't sure I was quite ready for, but it would be daft to turn down the chance.)

    I thought I'd share what I'm going through. I shan't bore you with the endless internet research I did before getting a recommendation. I'd just say, do see if you can work on recommendations because it saves a

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