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  1. Please Help


    I am looking for this candle fragrance oil I am smelling everywhere. Smells like Santal 33, Maison Louis Marie #4 and I smell it in high end and drugstore candles. Itís usually described as sandalwood or driftwood. Itís a paper, dry woodsy scent.

    I currently make candles and can usually detect the same oakmoss and amber or teakwood every brand is using, but canít find this one ingredient that appears to be available to many.

  2. Sensuous, Seductive Sandalwood

    Hellllooo dahhlings, just got in the door and kicked off my work boots-coffee's brewing for mumsy, my daughter just got out the door for the bus and breakfast is getting cold. Amazingly it is was during this very same situation yesterday when I experienced a revelation of the olfactory kind.

    It had been a real drag of a night at work (I work at Florida State Prison, and believe you me, that place has a special fragrance all it's own). I had just broke off a bit of almond biscotti-the ...
  3. Trying to find Edge Eclipse fragrance

    Eclipse, by Edge (shaving gel), has a wonderful scent that I would like to have as a personal fragrance. But I don't know where to begin looking for the scent! Does anyone know of any fragrances that resemble Eclipse? The website said it has notes of cardamom, sandalwood, and balsam. I looked up those notes in the directory, and only 6 fragrances came up - not very promising. I'll gladly welcome all suggestions!


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