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  1. To Wear or Not to Wear: Classic Men's Fragrances

    Do you like old school men's fragrances? Do you want to try them out? Classic fragrances are always a tough nut to crack if you also are concerned about how they're going to be received by others, or maybe you're just picky yourself and don't want to blind buy something is too outside your comfort zone.

    I grew up with a father whose daily routine always involved fragrance. I distinctly remember the scent of Drakkar Noir by Guy La Roche and Calvin Klein's Eternity for Men. But by the ...

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  2. HOW TO GUIDE to finding that that signature, crowd pleasing, _____ dropping fragrance!

    Most male novices to the world of fragrances first want to find that one, ultimate fragrance that's makes them irresistible to those they're romantically interested in. Am I correct? Probably.

    In my experience, such things don't exist. Top 10s, "best" men's fragrance, the "panty dropper," it doesn't exist. I've heard people describe Dior's Fahrenheit as "sex in a bottle," and others as saying it smells like "old man." Others have said that Blue ...

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  3. Indolic florals

    Quote Originally Posted by Sugandaraja View Post
    It's usually used in the context of flowers. Certain flowers have a rather over-ripe quality that smells slightly "off" and animalic, due to chemicals called indoles. Apparently they smell quite foul on their own, but in most florals they just add a warm depth, I've found.
    Quote Originally Posted by mikeperez23 View Post
    If I may quote Luca Turin, who described indoles quite nicely his 'Perfumes: The Guide' review of Olene by Diptyque:

    Quote from page 267: 'One of the many difficulties that nature has strewn
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  5. Unicorns still exist - but there are no Flying Horses

    Unicorns, like Nombre Noir, can still be found in some distant land, but the 'hidden gem in the pharmacy' is nothing but an urban myth. These days, you have more chance of hitching a ride on Pegasus than finding a forgotten classic.

    First of all, any perfume that was good, or even decent will have left some footprint in perfume lore. Only the most wretched brands such as Bienaimé have slipped through the net, and, I can tell you, their stuff is definitely not classic. If a perfume ...

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