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    I am wearing it right now, for the 3 rd time from a sample. Like you, I am a vetiver addict, and still cannot understand what is extraordinary in this one.
    To me it seems a vetiver designed for the masses, to get a vetiver frag to people who don't like the real rooty nature of vetiver. Your grade of 6/10 seems right, even if I would have taken away another couple of point given the bad ratio quality-price, compared to the competitors' offerings.
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    Quote Originally Posted by riffjim4069
    "use and enjoy your perfumes and colognes..."
    This portion of your post is what I'll focus on because that is really what this love of fragrance is all about, isn't it?
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  4. riffjim4069's Avatar
    Much like those treasured autographed t-shirts and trinkets from big stars like Mel Torme, Orson Welles, Gene Kelly, Howard Cosell and others...well, they may have been valuable at one time, but anyone interested in collecting this stuff is largely dead and buried, so it's basically worthless. The same goes for our treasured fragrance collections. A few will find good homes, but the vast majority will occupy space in the local landfill. Sad, but true. So use and enjoy your perfumes and colognes while you can.
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    I will tell you exactly who gets it: the first people to arrive at your house after your death. Any estate lawyer will tell you that the stuff starts vanishing from the shelves while the body is still warm. I've seen it happen more than once.

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