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  1. Eau Libre by Yves Saint Laurent

    Unlike M7, a more recent and better-known flop from the house of Yves Saint Laurent, Eau Libre never did achieve the status of cult classic. I've had limited success finding information on Eau Libre online, which could simply be a function of the fact that it dropped in the mid-1970s and may only barely have survived the decade. I think it's a possibility that had the internet not existed, M7 might have passed quietly from the scene in similar fashion, largely forgotten. But enough about that; let's ...

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  2. Montale update please

    Quote Originally Posted by cameron View Post
    Iíll be in NYC in 2 weeks.

    Which store has the best Montale collection? Want to sample as many as I can. Want to stay in Manhattan and not going to other boroughs.

    Excited about sampling their collection and buying a few more.
    Loving Boise fruite and honey Oud along with Mancera lemon mint.

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