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  1. Perfume Jargon: The Fougère Pt. 1

    Spend some time talking to perfume fans or collectors and you will invariably come across some terms you've never heard before being used to describe classes of perfume. Among the most frequently-cited terms is "fougère", and it is a word associated primarily with fragrances marketed to men. Not all male-market perfume is a fougère, but nearly all modern examples of the fougère are marketed either to men, or as unisex creations preferred by men. Basic "perfume collecting 101" ...
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  2. Aventus batch numbers, part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Changezi View Post
    Current Wardrobe: 19p01, 18k11, 16k11,13w01, 15p01, 15y01, 14m01

    Just bought these last night.
  3. Creed Aventus

    Hi all,

    New to Basenote

    Bought the following last night:

    19p01, 18k11, 16k11,13w01, 15p01, 15y01, 14m01
  4. Sujan Azad Parikh on Special and Aromatic types of flowers

    1. The flower of rose is the most famous flower. It is found in the whole world. Its extensive business farming is also done in India. The use of a rose flower is used by lover to propagate his girlfriend. Rose fragrance is also used in making perfume. The rose flower is found in many colors like red, yellow, white.

    2. Lotus lotus is India's national flower in India. It rises in marsh and muddy areas. It is also the seat of Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, this flower is considered as ...
  5. Sujan Azad Parikh writes for Mothers Day

    There is no need for God if there is a mother. In fact, the mother takes care of all of us so that no one else is in need. But there is a stop in the mother's life when the mother needs us. When the mother is in the category of the elderly, it becomes necessary to make them physically, mentally and economically prosperous. If there are two mothers (mother-in-law and daughter-in-law) in the house then the synergy between them is important.
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