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  1. Review Manifesto:

    Updated 17th of August 2015

    My Review Manifesto:
    When I give the main score of positive, neutral or negative I try to be objective whilst being aware that scents develop quite differently. I sample on my skin. When comparing scents directs I also sample on paper strips. My skin is dry and fragrances' longevity and projection tend to be less than on some oilier skins.

    When I give a numeric score n/5, this is more about by personal subjective liking, but often ...
  2. The Oud Game - Wearing Rasikh Oud

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    Rasikh Oud has real Indian oud oil with spicy and vetiver notes. Probably challenging to western noses that have't delved into Indian oud as it is has animalic notes. I also get damp woody notes in this usually associated with Indonesian oud.
  3. More lesser saints...

    For those wondering what these lesser saints are, I explain it here.

    Only this time I've managed to present them all in a single entry.

    So here are fourteen more of them. Seven for girls and seven for boys. One for each day of the week.


    Updated 10th August 2015 at 10:35 AM by Le_Coeur_Gothique

  4. Tom Ford Plum Japonais

    Goes on somewhere between incensey and woody, with a hint of cinnamon and benzoin. As ever with my skin I don't get a lot of wet/fruity plum but an extra squirt gives me a pleasing, well-rounded aura of Something Nice. It's classy and restrained: like breathing in the scent of an antique Chinese incense cabinet, as opposed to being assaulted by the aroma of a hippy shop. Very enjoyable.
  5. How to tame a sa(u)vage...Part 1

    The news hit me with the same severity they hit me everytime I hear that a legendary fragrance must be modernly reinterpreted, no matter what. This time it was Eau Sauvage's turn. As a silent watcher who has seen tenths of magnificent fragrances destroyed for no apparent reason, I thought I knew beforehand all the "arguments" that Dior was going to use. I was wrong. This time the shameless ridicule blew every fuse I had still unblown.
    Here is how Dior explains the reasons of launching
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