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  1. Tom Ford Oud Wood.

    Tom Ford Oud Wood:

    I love the opening of this, there's an incensey spiciness there that I could wear all day, but unfortunately it dries down all too quickly into a dry and astringent wood scent. I'm not surprised to see sandalwood is a major heart note as it's not one I love (and all too common in For Men perfumery). I really don't understand why smelling like A MAN has to mean smelling like somebody juiced a cleaning closet over a parquet floor. This is one of the least unpleasant ...
  2. Tom Ford Plum Japonais

    Goes on somewhere between incensey and woody, with a hint of cinnamon and benzoin. As ever with my skin I don't get a lot of wet/fruity plum but an extra squirt gives me a pleasing, well-rounded aura of Something Nice. It's classy and restrained: like breathing in the scent of an antique Chinese incense cabinet, as opposed to being assaulted by the aroma of a hippy shop. Very enjoyable.
  3. I ATE'NT DEAD, also some Tom Ford

    Tom Ford: Tuscan Leather

    Leather. Burnt pencil shavings. Coal. Hrm. This is not loving me, and nor indeed am I loving it in return. Veeeery dry and somehwat bitter. I don't get any raspberry at all. Big surprise really, I'm not a leather fan and also not big on trad-masculine scents, which I suspect is why this one has been waiting so long in the test queue.
  4. Wish granted!

    Spent today in London meeting up with a friend, but he had to leave early so naturally I trotted off to Selfridges - and I have now, at long last, tried Tom Ford Noir de Noir.

    Tom Ford: Noir de Noir

    I think for me this one falls into the "simplicity as genius" category. It's rose. Just rose - but cut with something a little bit darker. It sadly didn't last that long on me but I did get the chocolate note in the drydown, as well as something very like leather. ...
  5. Posh fragrance tests: Creed Original Vetiver, Tom Ford Noir

    Creed Original Vetiver

    Euch, euch, EUCH. Everything I hate about mens' fragrances, all rolled into one tidy green-gradiented package. To me it said fougere, or rather screamed it constantly while trying to prise the lid off my skull with a rusty knife. Washed it off. I tried it in the attempt to find out what vetiver actually smells of, but I'm inclined to think it may not have been a good example fragrance for that. Ah well; chalk this one up to an educational failed experiment... ...
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