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  1. I Discussion of Cologne Made From Mostly Essential Oils vs. Synthetic Musk to Soothe The Musk Wearer

    Do we want to choose a cologne as something for smell or ask the perfumer what the ingredients are to start thinking about the awareness of what we are putting on our bodies to either satisfy our wants or for example the benefit of that maybe the cologne has an ingredient such as basil that will also benefit us in some way ?

    Or - I get so many phone calls through the years " Dear, I have a musk that I bought and the label is now rubbed off but i am calling you after the several ...
  2. What musks, woody ambers are in Alien by Mugler?

    Quote Originally Posted by pobepto View Post
    Do you have a good gcms?
  3. Female facts

    Irregular Periods-: Explain the reasons behind irregular or missed periods

    Irregular periods, not the symbol of any health condition but some it can lead to some normal conditions. There are several reasons for missed periods such as birth control pills, certain health conditions, hormone changes, poor nutrition, PCOS, and obesity. Obese people face this problem more than others because they do not follow proper and healthy nutrition.
    Causes of irregular or missed periods ...

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  4. Amber toxin and the low art of negotiation

    Close Up by Annick Menardo for Olfactive Studio is no wallflower, it shouts Look at Me! in the same take no prisoners voice as Kenzo World (also 2016). But where World is pretty much just ambroxan, blackcurrant and a neutral heart of peony and jasmin sambac, Close Up is more than that, there's more to it than meets the eye.

    The opening burst of sour cherry and bitter-bland tobacco / biscuit is powered by ambroxan, incense, indole and exalting musks, and there is also a milky woody ...

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  5. Anosmia Awareness Day

    I had a cold. So What you might think... Well, because I don't usually suffer from head colds but chest infections I wasn't prepared for what would happen when I sprayed on some of that rich woodland fantasia - Fille en Aiguilles; I couldn't smell anything. There must be something wrong with the juice I thought - and sprayed on some more. Still nothing. I was getting nervous. I'd read somewhere that even a heavy cold can do permanent damage to your sense of smell, and I started thinking about what ...

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