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  1. Drugstore, Designer, and Niche: What are the Differences?

    Most of us entering the world of perfume as a hobby learn really quickly that not all scents are created equal, and even within the purview of a single fragrance line, there can be differences based on various vintages of the scent, depending on how long it's been in production. It's honestly no wonder that the more pedantic members of our community fastidiously catalog every batch code of a scent (if given), and painstakingly chronicle the differences, with phrases like "Cosmair Era". ...
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  2. DIY Suppliers List

    Quote Originally Posted by Boom Boom View Post
    Ok, I promised to add some of my sources once I got off the road. Had a very trying but successful weekend. We lost a very good friend in a tragic accident. The concert for Helping Hands children’s charities benefit we played for was a success though.
    Ok here is my growing suppliers list. If I have questions about one I will not add it.
    Essential Oils.
    Above ~~ This company has every essential oil used or mentioned
  3. You Are What You Wear: The Perils of Perfume Snobbery

    My crazy reinvigorated journey into fragrance once again has taught me a lot. For starters, I never knew there was a discernable difference between eau de cologne and eau de toilette, and that eau de toilette concentrée is a fancy way of saying eau de parfum for all intents and purposes at a time when men saw the word "parfum" as inexorably female. I also learned that high-end perfumes don't stop with Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent, but keep going into exclusive ranges, and finally niche ...

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  4. Parfums de Chine

    Those visiting France this year may be interested in an exhibition at the Musée Cernuschi in Paris. Parfums de Chine takes a look at the culture of perfume in the time of the ancient emperors and the inventive ways the Chinese found to perfume themselves without having pure alcohol to hand.

    As well as the usual grease based unguents for skin and hair, they would fumigate themselves by draping their clothes over a bamboo frame, like a small tent with an incense burner underneath. Another ...

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