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    Omar Khalid thundered against Modi-Shah in Shaheen Bagh against CAA, said these important things
    No person was born who could buy the agitators.
    We have been accusing children of using children forcibly writing letters in support of CAA.
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    Nice article Tilleuil. After reading your post I am surprised about perfumes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zealot Crusader
    I'm sure they're seeing the writing on the wall but they have to take a margin cut and increase R&D budget to even have the level of creativity they used to before.
    So true - until they feel the financial backlash, they will keep the shareholders happy and their bonuses fat.

    I hold out hope for the simple reason that information is becoming more freely available than ever... but I'm not holding my breath, either
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    This is some really thoughtful, anxiety reducing advice for someone trying to get their head around the basics I really love the vinyl analogy too, very deftly written. Wouldn’t shock me to find out you’ve got a collection of those too
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    Damn fine article your level of knowledge and ability to entertain is phenomenal.

    I also really enjoyed how you came back to question rather than conclude... and I seriously had no freaking idea that Dylan Blue had been labelled a fougere.

    I mean... I guess if shaving cream with kitchen herbs is fern-like, why not shower gel and incense? Both are a grooming item paired up with a plant product, so... hooray?
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    Thanks for your comment.
    You may be interested to know I have reworked the conclusion.

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