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  1. Ways of Smelling

    Here's a story I heard one time; a perfumer was asked to make a scent for a client's swimming pool.
    He found out what sort of thing they wanted, asked a few questions about the water purification system and went ahead and mixed up something fresh. When it was done the client smelled it on a paper strip and said 'Ok, that's fine', paid for the stuff, and took it home. The next day there was a phone call. 'What have you done? It's awful. The swimming pool smells like sewage!' The perfumer ...

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  2. Deep Dive Part II - A Closer Look at Chanel Japan

    In a recent post we focused on a 1970s vintage Chanel that was purchased in Japan. It was distributed under license by Liebermann Waelchli and Co., which served as exclusive agent for Chanel in Japan for a bit over 10 years, from 1969 to 1980. I mentioned that the LW name (rendered in katakana) on a Chanel fragrance is an almost sure indication that the item was produced during that timeframe. In other words, Liebermann Waelchli on the packaging = '70s vintage (roughly speaking).


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