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  1. Vintage thierry mugler A*Men

    Hi guys , I’ve collected a a number of Vintage fragrances over the last 10 or so years. And I really believe in the saying, “the older the better”
    I sold all my old A*men keeping only a 2011 Havane .
    I wanted to look for an original A* Men , Can anyone guide me on what to look for ?
    Since Mugler was sold off the whole line has been butchered.
    I would Like to know if there are any tell-tale sign that will help me notice the earliest possible flasks/ bottles . Thank you ...
  2. Which male fragrances do women really, really hate?

    Quote Originally Posted by Sharkie View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Hunter View Post
    A piece of advice, never ask them as you may not like the answer.
    I agree with this, and ThrilledChilled made me laugh, my wife hates about 90% of the frags I put in front of her nose. Tom Ford Oud Wood was followed up with a "please tell me that's just a sample". It's funny cause the ones I'm most excited for I feel, are the ones she shuts down the most. I mean, some I'm just going to wear because I like them, but others I get it and respect her nose not to wear them.

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