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  1. Aventus batch numbers

    Quote Originally Posted by JiveHippo View Post
    I'm with you on that one Brian. I also bought a Perfumedcourt decant in 2010 that I loved, it lasted forever. When I purchased my bottle in 2011 I was let down, it didn't last as long or smell as good.
  2. Memories Matter: Understanding The Power Of Scent

    Most people buy perfume because it smells good. Or, I should say, they buy it because they think it will help them to smell good. The right perfume certainly can do that, but it can do much more.

    I'm going to share two memories that helped me understand the power of scent. They're complete opposites, and yet not.

    The first memory is of my father, who passed away when I was still a little boy. When anyone dies, there’s a period of shock that lasts for days if not ...

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