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  1. Avon Mad Men - A Masculine Fragrance History Pt 4: Excess in Success

    Avon by 1980 had become an institution in American homes across the country, but it had long been since it was just about quality affordable fragrances. All throughout the 60's, 70's, and into the 80's, while Avon was expanding both it's advertising efforts and it's product ranges, a slow shift began to occur. This shift was really starting to be felt by the end of the 1970's were efforts in new and inventive fragrances began being replaced with "towing the line" by copying the successes ...

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    Door to Door Drugstore: Avon Products
  2. Lauren and the Little Black Dress

    Lauren is an early example of the fruity floral based on a natural affinity of banana and jasmin. It's well made throughout and of a material quality that used to go without saying back in 1978. Michael Edwards puts Lauren in the fruity floral category but this lovely old scent is very different from a modern thing like La Petite Robe Noire - which it found itself next to in Fragrances of the World 2015. A comparison between these two - one pale and soft, the other bombastic - shows just how much ...

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  3. Avon Mad Men - A Masculine Fragrance History Pt 3: The Greatest Decade

    Avon had piqued the interest of American men by the 1970's, mostly with Wild Country (1967) from the previous decade being such a knockout success. Success on a global level was also starting to increase, with the first instance of a masculine fragrance renamed for a foreign market occurring in the form of Avon Imperator (1970), which was a re-branding of Excalibur (1969) for markets where the source Arthurian legend was thought to not be inspirational enough for a purchase. Avon gift decanters ...

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