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  1. Confessions of a Perfume Dork

    One night right before Christmas, I got online to review the differences and compare the bottles of Lolita Lempicka versus LL Midnight. Why? Because all along, I've had a borderline dorky fascination with perfume, and having bought/received two different bottles over two weeks, both of which I was totally stoked about, I decided to play around on the internets and see what I could see.

    It all started with Dune. I discovered it on the arm of a fellow sixth-grader, one who was trying ...

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  2. The Fox Hunt - Diary of a Beginner - Prelude

    by , 10th July 2009 at 09:49 PM (The Fox Hunt - Diary of a Beginner)
    It's astonishing. I've spent 50 years focused on how things sound and forfeiting the intoxication of how things smell.

    Not that I haven't noticed fragrance. No memory is complete without a fragrance. Time has depth and weight, and with that comes texture, color and fragrance.

    My childhood smells like the ocean, my mother's Coppertone tanning lotion slathered in every pore of all bodies within range. It smells like rain and bullfrogs and cheap art supplies and ...
  3. The "Scent of Peace" - Methyl Nonyl Ketone

    The "Scent of Peace" - Methyl Nonyl Ketone

    Those who loose the Dogs of War
    Shall rue the day for evermore.
    But bearing rue, the Herb of Grace,
    The Scent of Peace doth war erase.

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    Today we ponder the Scent of Peace and the Dogs of War. But not necessarily in that order.

    One of the joys of marriage is playing Cassandra. Spouses have a nasty habit of not believing warnings, no matter how ...

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  4. On Pleasure and Its Detractors

    All the previous history of the universe has led to this moment. Considering how much struggle it's been to get here, I feel the least I can do is enjoy it. It's sometimes hard in the instant of experience to "breathe into" moments of pain, but in the end, I think I can probably agree with the old Edith Piaf song title "Non, je ne regrette rien!"

    I'm a great believer in enjoying the sensual pleasures of this world, along with the intellectual and spiritual

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    Philosophy of Fragrance , Personal Reflections
  5. Sharini Graines de Paradis

    First up is Sharini's Graines de Paradis, a perfume created by Sharini Parfums Naturels in the south of France.

    This opens as a bright floral citrus - refreshing and comforting. Sparkling grapefruit zest, spicy ginger, and wild cherries picked just last month in the valley of the Herault (wow!). The cherry note, sweetened by the 18 month aged tincture from Madagascan vanilla pods, has an ...
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