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  1. Mona di Orio Les Nombres d'Or Vanille

    Intriguing. It's sort of like what I imagine a Mini Milk ice lolly would taste of once it had grown up and got dumped a few times. There's something smoky in there and a hint of saffron or sassafras or something similary acrid - which may be the citrus. It reminds me of a BPAL scent inspired by the cowboy character from Dracula, but where that drowned in root-beer horribleness this is surprisingly unisex and pleasingly stable. Other reviewers praise its complexity and blendedness - I'm finding it ...
  2. How I got scar(r)ed for life... Part 1

    Coming of age during the '80s may be more ambiguous than it seems at first glance. Although I feel very lucky that I was present at the birth of so many legendary fragrances, I can't help but underline how deeply they have affected me and how they shaped my aromatic preferences for ever. Sometimes to the point of rendering me incapable to smell any new fragrance without inevitably comparing it with what vintage formulations I have within my reach. Even when they belong to completely different genres. ...
  3. How I got scar(r)ed for life... Part 2

    I guess it's somehow the same case with music. Although there's no direct analogy, the similarities are more than obvious. Oversupply and undue haste creating, applies to both.

    Untill the mid '90s (before internet showed up that is), it was not unusual to pay 100 bucks for a rare vinyl LP from the early '80s. And then came the CD, and suddenly no recording was rare anymore. But it didn't have the same feeling. It felt like a CD was a bad reformulation of a vinyl LP. CDs had the polish
  4. I ATE'NT DEAD, also some Tom Ford

    Tom Ford: Tuscan Leather

    Leather. Burnt pencil shavings. Coal. Hrm. This is not loving me, and nor indeed am I loving it in return. Veeeery dry and somehwat bitter. I don't get any raspberry at all. Big surprise really, I'm not a leather fan and also not big on trad-masculine scents, which I suspect is why this one has been waiting so long in the test queue.
  5. The lesser saints of my perfume temple-Gentlemen Edition

    We live in times of great excess. No one seems to show any inclination towards being a better person anymore. Not in the sense of being useful and helpful to others at least. They all want to be extremely famous and make shedloads of money. Especially younger people, who found this web of trivialities already woven when they were born.
    Bruce Dickinson in "Tattooed Millionaire" has described perfectly what I'm talking about.
    "Bodyguards, porn stars, gold credit cards.

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