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  1. Scent Esthetics: Thoughts on Subtlety

    Sometimes when I read posts in Basenotes, or on other sites and blogs, or even in advertising, I am forced to confront the meaning of "subtlety" as it is used by other writers.

    The first impression I get is that many people mean "light" or "ephemeral" when they use the term. Sometimes I think it is used to mean "fresh" or "clean." Of course I don't have any contexts handy to illustrate this, but it is the feeling I get from the overall
  2. Narcisse Noir (Caron, 1911-12)

    Narcisse Noir (Caron, 1911-12)

    Notes: orange blossom, lemon, bergamot, and petitgrain; rose, jasmine, and jonquil; Persian black narcissus, musk, civet, and sandalwood.

    I saw this in a shop today and decided to take a sniff. After smelling Bal Versailles, Ombre Rose, and Caron's justly famous Tabac Blond, I settled on this one. I know I will go back and smell the Tabac Blond again, but this dark narcissus captivated me. It is straightforward without being linear;

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  3. directory work around

    i've written a quick script this morning that will cache each fragrance page on first viewing, and then show the cache to each subsequent viewer.

    This does mean no wardrobe / tags / new reviews yet but its a start.

    One thing -- I havent had the chance to sort out the directory search yet, so to find them you'll need to look in Google for now - the easiest way to do this is this:

    Go to the Search function in the main menu (not the vbulletin menu)


    Updated 22nd January 2008 at 03:48 PM by Grant

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