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  1. How to rate the Carmen Miranda Hat by Balenciaga?

    Like Carmen Miranda's hat, Balenciaga's Le Dix (1947) is a remarkable creation but it couldn't be more out of fashion. (Indeed, as a stage adornment her hat was never meant to be a piece of street fashion but a theatrical prop.)

    Le Dix is an excellent perfume that develops the archaic fruity floral style of Caron's Colony (1938) to great advantage - and so would be of interest to historically ...

    Updated 15th September 2018 at 06:49 PM by Wild Gardener

  2. Fahrenheit Le Parfum and Jacques Fath Pour L'Homme: Separated at Birth?

    Dior's Fahrenheit Le Parfum and Jacques Fath Pour L'homme seem so similar to me. Does anyone else agree?
  3. Hey, blotter blotter.

    Blotters are those absorbent white paper strips for testing fragrances, invaluable for the first exposure to a total unknown. Not everything gets a trip to my skin for the day. You'd think you could just use a bit of white paper towel...maybe you could, but blotters are plenty cheap and they are easy peasy to write the name of the fragrance on. That's key. I spritz the fat end and write the name of the fragrance and the date and time, in pencil only, because it never fades and won't smear if you ...

    Updated 8th September 2018 at 11:48 PM by Shycat

  4. Giorgio

    Coming to Giorgio afresh as it were, after thirty odd years, it still smells surprisingly good. A happy-go-lucky, fruity tuberose, laughing in your face like perfumery had at last been liberated from the dreadful worthiness of all those Seventies chypres. It's time to have some fun shouts Giorgio, fling back those curtains - let that golden sunlight come pouring in; spritz on some of that giant yellow songbird and play!

    It could only have been conceived of in California, the Sunshine ...

    Updated 27th August 2018 at 01:02 PM by Wild Gardener

  5. How Well Do You Know Chanel?

    Since 1910 the Chanel brand has been producing top of the line clothing including Haute couture,Ready-to-wear and Accessories as well as Perfumes and Jewelry. What began in 1909 as a humble millinery (hat making) at 160 Boulevard Malesherbes in Paris has become an Internationally known and respected brand worn by high fashion models,celebrities,president;s wives and ordinary people,that is if your wallet is deep enough. Attention to detail and classy cutting edge designs has made Chanel one of the
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