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  1. Sujan Azad Parikh on Special and Aromatic types of flowers

    1. The flower of rose is the most famous flower. It is found in the whole world. Its extensive business farming is also done in India. The use of a rose flower is used by lover to propagate his girlfriend. Rose fragrance is also used in making perfume. The rose flower is found in many colors like red, yellow, white.

    2. Lotus lotus is India's national flower in India. It rises in marsh and muddy areas. It is also the seat of Goddess Lakshmi. Therefore, this flower is considered as ...
  2. Sujan Azad Parikh writes for Mothers Day

    There is no need for God if there is a mother. In fact, the mother takes care of all of us so that no one else is in need. But there is a stop in the mother's life when the mother needs us. When the mother is in the category of the elderly, it becomes necessary to make them physically, mentally and economically prosperous. If there are two mothers (mother-in-law and daughter-in-law) in the house then the synergy between them is important.
  3. May 2019 Rotation - May Flowers!!

    May 2019 Rotation Wardrobe - MAY FLOWERS
    For my first themed rotation, I picked 7 flowers that bloom in May here in the PNW and 10 fragrances containing at least two each of those floral notes. It’s going to be a bouquet-a-day-May!

    * Apple Blossom * Iris * Lilac *
    * Lily-of-the-Valley *
    * Magnolia * Peony * Violet *

    Black Amehyst by Bath & Body Works — lily-of-the-valley, magnolia, peony
    Bright Crystal ...
  4. Notes from the Osmothèque : Jean Carles, the Man and his Method

    Jean Carles is popularly remembered as the Beethoven of Perfume, famously composing Ma Griffe using only his olfactive memory after he had lost his sense of smell. But there was more to this gifted perfumer than the tragedy that overtook him in later life. He was an amateur musician, a talented linguist who spoke six languages, a lover of Great Gatsby style cars and a conjuror who owned more than 120 books on stage magic.

    Behind the showman there was of course a more serious side. ...

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  5. Dzongkha

    In two of Roudnitska's late masterpieces, Diorella and Le parfum de Thérèse, the dominant motif - or the goal of his perfumery explorations was the famous over-ripe melon accord. And by the time he came to compose Dzongkha, Bertrand Duchaufour seemed to have already arrived at the rotting heart of Roudnitska's olfactosphere and established it as his Base Camp.

    Dzongkha accepts the premise, or the promise, of rotten fruit, but then, like all great students, Duchaufour does his damnest ...

    Updated 15th July 2019 at 04:56 PM by Wild Gardener

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