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  1. Jones Beach Perfume by Bond No. 9 Review.

    Jones Beach is the latest Long Island-based destination to be converted into a perfume by Bond No. 9.

    Laurice Rahmé could not forget Jones Beach’s wide stretches of sand or its 2-mile boardwalk. So 43 years after her first trip, she bottled the Nassau beach into its own scent. Sand, surf, sunshine. Bare skin and bare feet. Carefree weekends. concerts by the water. Real people, real moments, real New York. Jones Beach is a retro-chic fragrance with a fresh orange flower note. Rahmé ...
  2. Wish granted!

    Spent today in London meeting up with a friend, but he had to leave early so naturally I trotted off to Selfridges - and I have now, at long last, tried Tom Ford Noir de Noir.

    Tom Ford: Noir de Noir

    I think for me this one falls into the "simplicity as genius" category. It's rose. Just rose - but cut with something a little bit darker. It sadly didn't last that long on me but I did get the chocolate note in the drydown, as well as something very like leather. ...
  3. Posh fragrance tested: Creed - Silver Mountain Water

    I absolutely must retest this when it isn't so absurdly hot. We're mid-heatwave here at the moment, and after a horrendous morning runing errands in the centre of town I've given up and declared chav mode - around the house at least, it's shirt or trousers but not both until the weather breaks.

    The reason I want to retest this fragrance is the first twenty minutes. It's delicious. I'm not a highly-trained nose, I can't pick out notes and tell you what it smells of, but I can tell you ...

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