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  1. Une aire de reformulation

    What makes L'Air du Temps so interesting isn't the complexity of the theme - it's just a carnation bouquet. It doesn't have an unusual structure - it's an ordinary head/heart/base triangle. Evolution of the profile is moderate - there are no surprises. What makes L'Air du Temps so interesting is the seductive quality of the materials and the textures they deploy.

    Let's start at the base and work our way up. The profile starts with a pedestal of sandal, methyl ionone and a vetiver ...

    Updated 15th June 2018 at 08:37 PM by Wild Gardener

  2. Cheapskate summer sniffs

    Attempting to improve my broke-as-hell summer with tests of a few of the sub-20 summer fragrances currently around in high street fashion stores.


    Teahupoo This was my pick to buy. I was looking for something with a breezy and fresh feel, and was rather surprised to be so taken by a fragrance with (on me) a really strong floral in the head notes. (Neroli, suggests one Fragrantica reviewer.) However it has a gorgeous sea-salt midstage which completely captures ...
  3. Best Vetiver?

    by , 2nd June 2018 at 07:34 PM (Male Frags for the Colder months.)
    Today.... Continues to be warm outside.
    And the choice of the day was Montales Red Vetyver.
    I know people have lots of love for DHermes, but Omg... Surely that can't beat this for overall smell as well as performance. This kicks butt, that opening of Grapefruit and bright sharp Citrus.
    Woooow Woooow..... Absolutely love this as it just kept going and going, Montale have some stunners and bangers but this has to be up there with the best releases from the Great Montale. ...
  4. Selected reviews by Wild Gardener : part 2

    Three summery scents that aren't colognes, even though one says it is...

    Updated 2nd June 2018 at 08:58 PM by Wild Gardener

  5. Drugstore, Designer, and Niche: What are the Differences?

    Most of us entering the world of perfume as a hobby learn really quickly that not all scents are created equal, and even within the purview of a single fragrance line, there can be differences based on various vintages of the scent, depending on how long it's been in production. It's honestly no wonder that the more pedantic members of our community fastidiously catalog every batch code of a scent (if given), and painstakingly chronicle the differences, with phrases like "Cosmair Era". ...
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