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  1. Beauty and the Brut

    There's nothing special about the Great Smell of Brut; it was just a good fougère, nice - but nothing revolutionary. What made Brut great, and a big success, was something more subtle - attitude.

    It's a sweet and pleasant little thing that never - at any time - resembles the brute it purports to be. The balance of sweet, green and anisic is alright, but that doesn't explain the phenomenal success that Brut enjoyed in the 1970's when - for a generation - it became the male scent de ...

    Updated 14th February 2019 at 08:25 PM by Wild Gardener

  2. I NEED Creed Aventus Flacon... BEST PRICE...

    I'm looking to purchase 250ml Creed Aventus.
    Where can I get the best price. I live in the United States.

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