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  1. YSL - Kouros

    I tried Kouros. But first you might ask, what or who is a kouros?! Wikipedia helps as always :”The termkouros, meaning (male) youth, a generic term for the standing male figure. As a side note the female counterpart of this word is Kore or Koure .

    Now that we got this out fo the way let me start this report about its unique dirty animal nature. The 80s’ powerhorse like most of the 80s is loud, unapologetically confident and doesn’t care about polarizing its audience. This scents ...
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  2. Kouros - Classic Perfumery Lives On


    In the summer of 2004 I visited the mountain city of Urbino in the Umbrian region of Italy. I've traveled quite a bit in my relatively short stint here on earth, but that trip wasn't just any old trip - it was one of those perfect sojourns, [I]a journey of a lifetime.[/I] I'll never forget the incredibly sensuous walks I took through the city, or the way Urbino's sun-kissed splendor glowed on golden July days. As I strolled through the Porta Valbona and up Via ...
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