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  1. rose which is very sweet and has a honey kind of accord

    i am new to perfumery and i am trying to create a fragrance of rose which is very sweet and has a honey kind of accord .
    i am using

    Benzyl Alcohol
    Phenyl ethyl Alcohol
    benzyl acetate
    phenethyl acetate
    citronellyl acetate
    Terpinyl Acetate
    geraniol acetate
  2. Cafè Rose Tom Ford: Fall 2012

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    Today I was able to sample Cafe Rose by Tom Ford at Saks Fifth Avenue. They were sweet enough to give yours truly two samples. Cafe Rose is a beautiful oriental floral fragrance that I think I'm in love with. I definitely might have to purchase this to wear in the Fall. So exciting!

    Notes: saffron, black pepper, may rose, turkish rose, bulgarian rose, coffee, incense, amber, sandalwood and patchouli.
  3. Looking for My Signature Rose

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    I love the smell of real roses but in the perfumes that I've tried what I get is either a soapy rose or a powdery rose. I smell like an old lady working behind a perfume counter at Macy's. What I like is fresh dewy rose (from the earth it grows in to the green stem to the petals), or velvety ripe rose in full bloom, or a smokey rose.

    What I'm looking for is a more atypical rose fragrance. To smell the evolution of the rose which morphs from ground to bud to full bloom. The combination
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  4. [Review] Cumin 31 by Le Labo

    Rose 31 by Le Labo should be renamed 'Cumin 31' from the smell of it. This would seem like a cumin-laced rose when it was first described to me. Presumably naming a fragrance 'Cumin' was hardly sexier than 'Rose'.

    Reviews have summed it as a masculine rose, the flower playing a peek-a-boo throughout the day for me. So do not make the mistake of assuming this is predominantly a rose soliflore as I had from its namesake. I seem to get shades of Diptyque's Tam Dao - ness but incredibly ...

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  5. Tallulah B.- Art Deco Inspired

    Tullulah B. –Art Deco Inspired
    By Jane Cate of A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes

    Top notes- jasmine, muguet tincture
    Heart notes –rose, linden blossom
    Base notes – botanical musk, sandalwood, vetiver

    This is an all natural perfume composed by Jane Cate of ‘A Wing & A Prayer Perfumes based in California. It was created for The Mystery Of Musk Project. Thoughtfully, wrapped, well presented, personal attention to the details, make this sample ...

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