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    I just visited the front page of Basenotes for the first time today in a very long while. I usually head to the forums first, as that is what pops up on my browser pulldown menu. I was surprised to see all the new little features on the front page. Very nice! I haven't look at the newest wardrobe additions or review editing lately, though. Perhaps that is next on my list.

    I really must commend you, Grant, for keeping this site together for so long. My husband is currently a volunteer on another website (also based out of the UK), and I can see that site also having similar things on its to-do list although on a different subject matter. It's a tough job to start something like this, and even tougher to keep it operating as smoothly as you do. Again, kudos to you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant
    if you want to change your settings you can go to:

    it's the old system but it still works!
    Good, This was exactly the advice I was looking for. I hope the option of changing the setting via oldwardrome will not be cancelled. I need to update the collection quite often.
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    A fun to read update/entry Grant. Always great seeing what the site has in store.
  4. msmith139's Avatar
    You can do it...and best wishes for continued success
  5. bluesoul's Avatar
    Diana was asking about that a week or two ago, so I'll thank you in her stead.
  6. JaimeB's Avatar
    Thank you, Grant. You are truly a rock!
  7. Ratfink's Avatar
    Brilliant. I missed all that stuff. Any excuse to mess with my wardrobe!
  8. touti007's Avatar
    probably a bug , because i own all the perfumes listed in my wardrobe , and now.....
    i have only 20 it's so sad today?....
    It's very sad ....

    I own truly all these perfumes (i'm collecting since 1998)

    and only two swap ....

    bye bye .....
  9. scent's Avatar
    Grant any idea on when we'll be getting our wardrobe settings back?
  10. Warum's Avatar
    Grant, I can't get into the setting where I used to write comments and add bottles that are not in the directory. Is there a way to add and change comments?

    -- yes, that! I have the same question, thanks!
  11. nonnative's Avatar
    Grant, I can't get into the setting where I used to write comments and add bottles that are not in the directory. Is there a way to add and change comments?
  12. rogalal's Avatar
    Looking good - thanks!

    Any chance of being able to sort out lists again? I'm amazed how much I miss that...
  13. Nanook's Avatar
    Loving the new format; outstanding work so far!

    It would be great if we could own a bottle of something and have a sample. Right now it seems to be either/or.

    And I don't know if this is the proper place to make another feature request, but while I'm at it...
    Do you have any plans to make the public rating system for fragrances in the directory more detailed than thumbs up/down/neutral? Since our private ratings are a 1-5 star system, I'd love to see statistics of people's ratings la iMDb, i.e. average star rating 3.4, and # people rated it "5," # people rated it "4," etc.
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    Dear Grant, I was so happy I could finally move to samples some of my fragrances. But something went wrong. There must be a witch in my wardrobe! I ticked my selection, chose "move to samples", clicked on "go" but I was redirected on a strange page ... Would you be such a brave lion to check if there is something wrong in what I did?
    Anyway the improvements are great! thanks a lot!
  15. ohhmygod's Avatar
    Dude, u posting the wrong place. Stop the spam -.-" IF u want to advertise, ask Grant.
  16. Jean Desprez's Avatar
    Greetings Bal a Versailles fans. We are the official Jean Desprez website, and love the comments posted regarding our fragrance. A new Jean Desprez fragrance is in the works, and will be launched on our website prior to retail release in early 2011. In the meantime we are offering a Bal a Versailles miniature collection at a fantastic price to entice you to visit us. Simply add .com after Jean Desprez
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    Awesome Grant, you rawk!
  18. Grant's Avatar
    Pos/neutral/neg links will return...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grant
    If it's not on there already, it should put it on your tried list.
    I didn`t saw it. Made a check with the fragrance i`m wearing today, it went to my tried list.
    Thank you!
  20. Grant's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by rickbr
    Grant, i saw that now the wardrobe register the last time you wore a scent and how many times you have already wore it as your SOTD. I`d like to know if when you put a SOTD which is not on your bottle list (a decant or a sample, for instance), do it automatically include it on your wardrobe under the tag sampled or tried?
    If it's not on there already, it should put it on your tried list.
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