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    Quote Originally Posted by PerfumeCollector
    How do I see the wardrobe of others?
    you can't see it if the user did not activate the see wardrobe option. The rest, or most to say the least have a flask icon below their avatars or national flags. Clicking the icon will show you the wardrobe of the user. Hope this was helpful.
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    How do I see the wardrobe of others?
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    How do I add fragrances to MyWardrobe?
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    You know, I've always wondered why this site seems to be a little heavy on the testosterone.
    Now I know why.

    Big grats and thanks for all your hard work. Great job!

    And thank you for the old screenies - awesome!
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    Congratulations Grant !!!

    You have been true inspiration !!!
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    of course, sadly i missed it, any chance to find an audio file or a transcript?
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    They upgraded their software a few times and I haven't had time to do it, so it no longer works. Sorry. We should be getting a mobile theme soon anyway
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    Congratulations Grant!!
    Thank you so much for all the info and all the fun throughout the years.
    Keep up the great work!
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    One more thing, the pop-up used to show up every time I visit Basenotes website from MobileSafari, now disappears as well. That's really weird...
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    I notice that Basenotes no longer appears on Tapatalk search result, that's what I'm seeing from my iPhone. Any explanation??
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    Hooray! Congratulations!!
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    Yes, congratulations!!!
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  14. socalwoman's Avatar
    Woohoo! Congratulations!!
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    Congrats and 10 year cheers!
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    Congrats and 10 year cheers!
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    Congratulations and happy anniversary on 10 years!

    It's cool to see those old pics! Brings back old memories ...
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    Hi Grant,
    Thanks for such a wonderful website with so much information about the world of perfume.
    It would be great to see the reviews posted early rather than late.
    Thanks very much
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    From time to time the longevity stars were operational when I joined the community, but it was gone wery soon after. That longevity thing was cool, it'd be nice to add sillage rating as well. Anyway, why does the longeity rating not work?
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    So that's where everybody is getting their nicks changed!

    Must ... Not ... Change ... Nick!
    Updated 22nd May 2010 at 04:43 AM by Le Grand Duc
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