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  1. mi-hooked?'s Avatar
    Hey Grant,
    How about the feedback link and numbers present when checking a sal3es thread?/ Thanks
  2. lee4411's Avatar
    Having worked in the IT field for years and having gone through many an upgrade I can appreciate what you have done and are going through. Bugs and lack of sleep are not fun! Thanks for your efforts to make it better for all of us.
    Updated 25th December 2009 at 01:50 PM by lee4411
  3. Sunnyfunny's Avatar
    Looks good to me! The look will definitely takee some getting used to but it is still the same ol' BN and it's all good. Here's another hearty thanks for all the work you do.
  4. perfaddict's Avatar
    Thanks for the upgrade, Grant. even at this stage the layout looks more business-like/with-it. All the work yo put in is appreciated. Kudos.
  5. JaimeB's Avatar
    Marvelous job so far, Grant! Will the visitor counts to the blog entries return in the new version?
  6. Leesee's Avatar
    It's quite a change. I am not a computer person so changes of any kind tend to throw me. But I appreciate your hard work, Grant.
  7. Astaroth's Avatar
    Just got here. Wow, quite a change. While Redneck Perfumisto is kicking the tires, I'll be right behind him ... I guess that means I'll be kicking him. Thanks for all the work, Grant.
  8. flouris's Avatar
    It will take some getting used to, but overall it looks very slick/professional! Thanks for investing all this time (especially during the holidays) to do this.
  9. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Thanks for all your hard work, Grant - it's much appreciated. The site really does look spiffy and much more current. I do love the new look and feel. I'm going to get out there and kick the tires a bit, so please forgive me if I end up sounding like a nitpicker if I report anything. I think it's all great, no matter what. Ciao! -Red
  10. Bigsly's Avatar
    If you need some help with review approvals to the directory, just let me know. At this time, I can probably do an hour a day towards it.
  11. Grant's Avatar

    At the moment, I have to manually enter each submission to the directory myself. The new process will allow people to edit directly, though these will need to be approved first of all.

    So, it's still likely to be subject to the same delays as the review postings, but it will be quicker than it is at the moment.

    The trouble is, the website generates enough work to employ 5 full-time people but isn't able to pay for that. Until that changes, I will do things as quick as I am able
  12. Bigsly's Avatar
    Could you explain what "make it easier for members to submit information to the fragrance directory" means, because it seems to mee that the time it takes for the review to appear in the directory is the major problem?

    Thanks !
  13. Grant's Avatar
    @Redneck - blogs will update fine. All existing Blogs will carry over, the new blog entry page is a bit easier to use too (all the latest blog posts are combined to form a kind of mega-multi-user-blog

    @kbe thanks for the insight re itrader -- re spellcheckers, probably too much fiddling for me I'm afraid - many browsers have spellcheck built in these days for forms anyway

    @EC - profile customization in terms of changing colours / fonts - you'll still be able to add info on it

    cheers all
  14. ECaruthers's Avatar

    I'm always impressed by your hard work & devotion. I almost never notice any problems. I'm proud to be a supporter. Can you give us some more details about the changes in profile customization? Some profiles have hardly any information but I do enjoy those that give me more of a feeling for other BNers.

    Thanks & Merry Christmas.
  15. kbe's Avatar
    iTrader feedback comments are currently not editable. Some negative or positive comments may need tweaking one way or the other if posted in the heat of the moment or after resolution of a problem. Including a way for the original poster to do so since you are tinkering with it anyway might be helpful

    Also the same mechanism for preventing accidental double posts in the Basenotes Threads would be a good addition to the iTrader feedback system.

    Allowing original posters to delete posts without resorting to deleting content and then having to put at least 4 characters in the original post space to make the deletions work. a one click deletion, would be a plus. Also, an integrated one-click spell checker for posts and headers would be nice.

    Thanks for the heads-up Grant.
  16. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Great news!

    I like being able to click into a user's trading stuff directly from any post by clicking on their feedback number. My only complaint is a minor thing - having to confirm a read-receipt. Not much of a complaint, but it feels like an unnecessary step to confirm.

    Overall, I think the biggest improvement for me (and maybe all that's needed is user education) would be a fast way to get to a particular user's stuff without going through a post. The fact that we can get to almost anything in a couple of clicks through any post is wonderful. I guess I would like to type a username (when a post isn't handy) and get to the same stuff just as quickly. There may be a way to do that already, so perhaps making that more obvious is all that is needed.

    Otherwise, really excited by the changes. Losing a bit of profile customization is OK with me - I guess I haven't done much that way.

    What about the blogs? Will those be affected? Curious about that. I do like that comments on articles (and articles themselves) will be easier. That has to be good overall, and will hopefully lead more folks to become regulars.

    Thanks for the update!
  17. JaimeB's Avatar
    All the best to you and your family as you move into a new home: exciting, thrilling? Maybe a bit of drudgery and inconvenience, too, but all well worth it in the end if your new digs make you superbly happy which I, for one, sincerely hope they do!
  18. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    OMG - a modem. I mean a "vintage" modem! How barbaric!

    Grant - just get back into that time machine and reverse the dial - set it for 2009! We need you in the 21st century!!!
  19. Hebe's Avatar
    Wishing you, Dani and family every happiness in your new home. I hope all the moving in niggles are cleared soon.
  20. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Very cool! And that part about spending a significant amount of time on the site? They don't know the half of it!
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