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    I'll put up with whatever you need to do. I so greatly appreciate this site and all those who contribute such exhausting efforts.


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    Interested to see how this is coming Grant.

    Whether it was 'really easy, or really hard'?
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    Hi there! I am a newcomer to the Basenotes community and really love this site. I have not fully navigated my way round all the threads so what I say may have been brought up before.

    I notice from your post that he review procedure is changing. I was just wondering if the new review procedure would include % calculations based on the least amount of negative feedback on a particular fragrance? This may be a good way of effectively producing a league table of the most popular fragrances.
    At the moment Angel has the most reviews but a fairly high ratio of negative ones to positive. For example, of the 215 reviews 29% are negative (63), not too far behind is Vetiver with 159 reviews, only 13% of which are negative (20 out of 159), then you have less reviewed ones such as Rive Gauche Pour Homme and Antaeus which have respectively 9% and 8% negative reviews. This may produce an interesting at-a-glance league table of people's favourite fragrances based on the review scores.

    Thanks for reading!
  5. Strollyourlobster's Avatar
    Thanks, Grant!
  6. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Three cheers, Grant! Looking forward to the new system very much. And, by the way, I'm also liking the new look and feel on the front page!
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    Shamefully, yes - lots of flat file dbs and lots of lots of caching. Worked fine when we had about 300 reviews, but 40,000 is a bit of a problem.

    And all my variables are extremely sanitized!!
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    Good god Grant I hope you weren't using a flat file database before! Regardless, I am glad to hear Basenotes is moving from whatever to MySQL as it certainly sounds like an improvement. Just be sure to sanitize your variables or use parameterized statements... I would hate to see BN subject to a SQL injection attack.
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    @bluesoul -- sure thing!

    Although PERL has functionality for MySQL databases, I'd always kind of ignored it -- apart from when I had to read member details for the non-community pages.

    PHP makes it so much bleeding easier - I wish I'd have gone down the php route rather than the perl route ten years ago!

    Its quite similar to perl so i'm finding it quite easy to pick up (so far....).

    My main prob at the moment is problems with character encodings, but I'll get there....
    Updated 21st April 2009 at 04:30 PM by Grant
  10. Sunnyfunny's Avatar
    Sweeet. You're so smart! : ) Thanks for all your work.
  11. bluesoul's Avatar
    PHP/MySQL is my specialty, if I can help or you need another set of eyes, let me know.
  12. SirSlarty's Avatar
    You rock, man!
  13. kbe's Avatar
    Getting organized is easy! One begins by making a list...

    But chaos (in an organized sort of way) is the natural order of the Universe so just revel in your Ultimate heritage.
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    Delegating is a great way to get things off your list without giving up on them completely. Of course certain things can't be delegated, but lots of things can.

    My personality is such that I tend to want things done a certain way---I guess I'm one of those people---so for that reason among others I have to learn to delegate. Some circumstances necessitate it: there's more work than I can reasonably do myself. Fortunately, in my job at least, I have paid help. Even so, I often find delegating uncomfortable.

    By the way, Grant, if you ever want to delegate some Basenotes tasks, I'm an old hand at database-driven Web development, and quite willing to help out.
    Updated 18th February 2009 at 05:55 AM by d4
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    I find that psychologically, writing physical lists is more effective for me. After I get something done, instead of deleting from a text file on the computer or what have you, I cross off the item on the list in a BIG RED PEN. This shows that I've done something that day.

    I have old lists laying around to remind myself that I have indeed done something.
    Updated 17th February 2009 at 03:29 AM by SirSlarty
  16. castorpollux's Avatar
    I'm a very organized person. (i'd like to think!)
    But there's always something amiss at the end.
  17. analavande's Avatar
    Still seem overwhelmed by it all -- how does everyone else keep organised?
    It's a never ending battle for me. The rich have assistants. The rest of us just keep plugging away.
  18. tang's Avatar
    I have multiple notepads, planners, post-it notes, magnetized lists on the refrigerator, emailed "notes-to-self," texts-to-self, task lists in Lightning, etc.

    In spite of all those tools, whatever I write on the back of my hand is what takes priority and gets accomplished.
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    Aiona <---- also a list-writer (whose lists keep getting longer)
  20. JaimeB's Avatar
    Redneck Perfumisto has the right idea. Deal with emergencies, and then let the chips fall where they may! Oh, and fix the review edits problem.
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