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  1. Buzzlepuff's Avatar
    I am really missing some features from the directory that I think used to be available but are no longer there. They are:

    1) Finding the perfumer for fragrances? Used to be able to see who the nose was for each fragrance. Is this going to be added back? I found it helpful.

    2) Ability for members to add to and be part of the process for adding fragrances and fragrance information in the Directory. For instance: Miller Harris has had several fragrances out on the market now for months, but they are not listed in the directory. I would be happy to list these, their names, intro dates, perfumer who created etc. as well as my reviews of them - but there seems to be no way to do this. Without this ability for we members to help edit the content I believe that the site will quickly become out of date and behind the curve of new releases. ??? I am not suggesting a full Wikipedia editing ability, but giving us an "add new fragrance" button to trigger a page to add info that can be reviewed for final placement, would be helpful.
  2. jblackma's Avatar

    The question I would like answered is, "Where can I find information (books,articles, websites) on how "perfume profiles" are composed as marketing tools?" By perfume profiles, I mean those promotional quizzes that test you to find out what kind or brand of perfume would suit you best. The Editions de website (by Frederic Malle) has one for example. I would like to study a case study of how a perfume profile is put together. Maybe you could do an article on this.
    Thank you,
    J. Black
  3. fredricktoo's Avatar
    Hi Grant, With the wife and children and Basenotes all woven into your life, what do you do to stay in shape? Do you get many chances to go out into what some programmers call "the big room"?
    Updated 12th April 2008 at 07:15 PM by fredricktoo
  4. Somerville Metro Man's Avatar
    I am impressed by how well behaved an internet community this is. Considering the number of strong opinions that members hold about specific houses and style of fragrance to what do you attribute the civility of this community?
  5. holyjes's Avatar
    I am always surprised to see that there are so many more men on this forum when it is womens perfumes that get all the attention. What are your thoughts on this?
  6. xclusive's Avatar
    good job redoing the website, its a bit more modern now :P I have a question, seeing as how u brought back the reviews, will there be a link ranking them from most popular to least reviewed like there was before? I found that really useless when lookin for new stuff
  7. JaimeB's Avatar

    Thank you so much for the return of the Fragrance Directory. It was sorely missed and very welcome back. You have done such a great job on restoring the site so far. You are definitely our hero!
  8. buyers_remorse's Avatar
    perfume blog is a good site in meantime.
  9. scentsitivity's Avatar
    Grant, the Perfume Quiz link doesn't work at the Home Page, but works elsewhere.

    It is nice to see the progress!
  10. Scentologist's Avatar
    The board is looking nice my friend and functions with ease. Thanks for all the hard work and again, I really love the way the board looks!

  11. Annikin06's Avatar
    Good job. Thanks for the explanation
  12. ironpusher's Avatar
    You have a great site here. I recommend it to any friends who want to make an informed decision on fragrance purchases. Keep up the good work!!
  13. DeeOlive's Avatar
    Good luck Marian!!!!

    Got my fingers and toes crossed
  14. Scentologist's Avatar
    Sorry about the latest setback with the virus. Sometimes, when it rains it pours. You are very intelligent and I am confident you will resolve this issue in time. Try not to work too hard and kill yourself over this. We will be here waiting. Take care and good luck!


  15. jlros's Avatar

    Whooopppppiiiieeee - I noticed the last part says "profit"? Does that mean you take it public just prior to that time and all of us early financial supporters get a silly amount of stock we get to cash out on the IPO!!!!?????

    Good luck with the transition and thanks for all the hard work!

  16. Scentologist's Avatar
    Dear Grant,

    Thank you for your enthusiasm and endless work. Codding sounds complicated and the fact you seem to be self taught and willing to learn to statisfy our needs for fragrant communion is indeed nolbe and amirable. Keep up the good work and may the toil of your labor never go unnoticed! Cheers!
  17. silverbullet's Avatar
    Nice job Grant!! I like the new look, feel, and navigation features as well. Seems to me at this point the page load is much quicker, thanks again
    Updated 20th March 2008 at 01:29 PM by silverbullet
  18. Vivek's Avatar
    Thanks for the great community I'm loving the new template
  19. kbe's Avatar
    Nice new BN page look Grant! It took me totally by suprise while surfing the Threads..
  20. Sorcery of Scent's Avatar
    Excellent work so far Grant - you're a trooper and we love you for it! ;)
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