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  1. Grant's Avatar
    @Ben - thanks mate - have you changed your username -- I may need some help if you know anything about setting up email servers?

    @Anya - Cheers for the note -- sadly due to my untidy coding, it would probably take me longer to explain it to someone else than to do it myself

    @bluesoul - The amount of times I look at software and think that would be great on Basenotes, and then come unstuck as I'd like it to connect with Vb..... I may be in touch at some point, once things are normal again (normal?)

    @SirSlarty - your support is support enough

    Thanks all

    BTW, about to do part one.
  2. SirSlarty's Avatar
    I wish I knew how to code so I could help out more than becoming a Supporter.
  3. bluesoul's Avatar
    Grant, I've written some bridging software for vBulletin in prior jobs, if I can help you out in any way (even if it's just looking at the code and making suggestions) feel free to contact me either here or at either messenger in my profile, or via email.

  4. Natural_Juice's Avatar
    Grant, I have a great computer guy who may be able to help. Let me know.
  5. Montecristo's Avatar

    If you need any help with ANYTHING, you have a server admin at your disposal. We truly appreciate your hard work.

    Ben Lee
    aka Montecristo
  6. Sillage6's Avatar
    Hopefully we will find out on April 24th, 2008!

    Wish Basenotes luck!

  7. thisbekevinn's Avatar
    good luck on coding and everything.
    i know to keep this site up must be very expensive
    i'll become a member ASAP, once some paypal stuff confirms
  8. h_len's Avatar
    Thank you thank you thank you.
    Coding is sooooo hard work! (I know...)

    Good luck! This site is the best.
  9. irish's Avatar
    This thread is kind of nerdy... I like it!
    Need to apply some Pi. But it is true, that is a lot of juice.
    Updated 19th February 2008 at 04:24 PM by irish
  10. JaimeB's Avatar
  11. SirSlarty's Avatar
    Just went through my wardrobe and calculated how much in each bottle I'd have almost exactly. Your assumption of 50ml per fragrance in everyone's wardrobe is pretty much on the money with mine being only a 7% difference

    19 frags x 50ml ea. = .95 L
    whereas my actual is about .89 L

    Still, that's a ton of juice! Well, actually about 5.5 tons

    Looking forward to the wardrobe recode. I love this site.
  12. fredricktoo's Avatar
    have you availed yourself of the "random fragrance" feature? it's an afternoon of fun let me tell you.
  13. micci's Avatar
    Hey Grant,

    I totally understand what you must be going through....I'm in tech myself though not development so I totally know that no matter how hard you try at times technology seems to have a life of its own....especially when it just won't work. Take heart you are doing a great job.
    All the best Thanks

  14. JaimeB's Avatar

    We appreciate your constraints. Thanks again for all you've already done. We know you care about our community, and we trust you to do the best you can always.
  15. mikeperez23's Avatar
    Thanks for the update Grant.

    Can't wait to see the new 'code' in action!
  16. Ron199's Avatar
    Do what you can when you can. Your family is your first, and foremost priority. Regards Ron
  17. Kranque's Avatar
    "...would like Basenotes to grow into something really special."

    That happened long ago! Keep up the good work, and thanks for the update.
  18. peach's Avatar
    i look forward to browsing your site easily again. in all honesty it' not very enjoyable today. google searches are crap compared to what you have been offering.
  19. Gus's Avatar
    What can I say? Only for tinkering with Perl scripts you deserve the highest award, let alone for all the love and dedication you put into this wonderful site. Keep the good work, it's been some years and I hope I keep coming around a lot more.
  20. tarant's Avatar
    I would like to have more sophisticated search.

    if i look for "Creed", there should be a field with name "Designer:" (this would only search in the table column "Designer" in the DB table)
    if i look for top note Citrus it could be a field with name "top note:", etc.

    if you would do it like this, you haven't to search the whole thing. if someone want to make a general search the google search is fine too. otherwise it is really sad that i can't click on a top note anymore to find all the perfumes with the same top note (as example). this would be an easy lookup and if you would make indexes on that database columns it would be really (!!) a fast lookup.

    what database do you use? do you store the whole directory it in one table? the top notes should be stored in a seperate table (because it could be more than one) for fast search. Etc.

    there can be a lot of improvements what would make this website really fast.

    best regards,

    (software engineer)
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