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  1. willyb's Avatar
    Post Count? we have all lost quite a bit of posts, or will that adjust eventually?
  2. sjg3839's Avatar
    I lost about 2300 posts.
  3. Mariano's Avatar
    Maybe someone already ask this, but my wardrobe it's just like in may 2013, will you update the information from the new (old now) software?? or I have to do it by myself??
  4. BasenotesDude's Avatar
    Hi Folks,

    If you are missing data, we are working to restore it. Please be patient.

    Remik - I appreciate your technical help, your problems are in the backlog and we will get to them as soon as we can.
  5. HermitageOils's Avatar
    To all the Base Notes crew

    I just wanted to say congratulations on the changes. Such a decision is brave, bold and demonstrates that you do put the customers experience at the heart of what you are doing.

    The layout, simplistic, yes, and it has a beautiful, distinctive, warm charm about it now. The Huddler one was too generic, obvious, down with the kids, 15 minute famous, no heart or soul, no love and sporting the cheap sheep mentality – crowd following/money making orientated. Here you have a layout that defies this and gets across the real reasons behind the site.

    The colour scheme is better, logo more prominent, placement of adds less intrusive, that sound that kicked in when you hovered over the advert has also gone – woo hoo – it drove me nuts. I think you are doing a great job, so keep the faith and keep doing what you are all doing. Peace, Adam
  6. Judith Brockless's Avatar
  7. Grant's Avatar
    You can adjust your blog subscription settings here:
  8. rum's Avatar
    Good luck with it all Grant et al!
  9. teardrop's Avatar
    Pages are loading just fine for me here.

    l'm sad to see so much negativity. lt's clear that a lot of folks didn't pay attention to the announcements made several days ago, advising them to make back-ups of any important info. You were warned, people! And it has been made very clear that all the missing posts, etc. will be restored.

    l for one am very happy to have the site up & running while all this is done. Thanks, Grant!
  10. lpp's Avatar
    @pluran - waiting to hear on that one!

    Yes, Redneck - it should speed up when complete.
  11. Surfacing's Avatar
    Freaking awesome. Thanks for returning with the older look. I am patient and know things will be up to speed in no time, Grant. Thanks !
  12. Eule's Avatar
    Yes, I quite like it here. Reminds me of my old lurking days. It`s in fact even precisely the SAME feel - because on my own account I`m a nobody again. All my pictures, my Avatar, my former 4-stars & posts & everything since joining this june still are missing. Fingers crossed that this will get better. But the site is quick, nice to watch, easy to handle ... so have a great day!
  13. pluran's Avatar
    How do I edit my text in the wardrobe?
  14. Redneck Perfumisto's Avatar
    Thankfully, I'm back into the new site. Auto-save is working - LOVE IT. Slow? Yes. Huddler was on our side of the pond, and close to the interstate, and it was fast as blazes for anybody close to it. I imagine it sucked overseas. Now it sounds like Europe will get the best speed. Still, this is tolerable, and after all the passwords, registrations, and other heavy lifting is done, perhaps it will be a bit better. But it is now our own software, and I can certainly see the benefit of that. Looking forward to a lot of fragrance-specific improvements. Cheers!
  15. RichNTacoma's Avatar
    I hope the reviews are not lost. I did over 60 in the last few months, since I joined. Perhaps I should have saved them in my own records...sigh..
  16. oolala30's Avatar
    So thrilled! So happy! Thanks Grant!!
  17. magnus611's Avatar
    Why oooohhhhh why , I love how it was before....can't believe it...why grant ooh why..I'm freaking out...i can only mean that the newer site was vulnerable to outside attack, that's the only credible reason, for such a change: I just hope it's for the best for when website revamp is for better not worse...ooh let it be so...fragantica's infrastructure is so terrible , hope basenotes does not look like that after this catastrophe of a hoping is for best ...once again for if it's not broken ..why changed it???
  18. kbe's Avatar
    Everything old is new again!

    heh heh...looks like I slipped between the cracks..
  19. Grant's Avatar
    I'm locking comments on here, to stop the email subs going out. I will look into that properly in the morning. If you have issues you wish to report, please do so in this forum here. I may well be going to bed soon - but I'll be on it in the morning!
  20. Grant's Avatar
    With regards to the emails - sorry - there is an unsubscribe to this blog entry button at the foot of the blog post - clicking that may solve it, but I'm unsure as to why the software assumes you want to subscribe to it just because someone has posted to it.I'll see if I can amend this in the back-end.
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