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  1. acjigga's Avatar
    I truly appreciate your hard work Grant! I love this site and community.
  2. Saintpaulia's Avatar
    I am a newer member so do not know who "Grant" is*, but obviously he is a hard-working and dedicated soul. Many thanks for getting the site back up. It is running a bit slow but that is to be expected I'd imagine. Haven't tried to use anything yet. I have been lost without my email! No other way to contact my friends. Take care.
    *The man in the photo of course that I see on the pages, but no real personal acquaintance
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  3. bshell's Avatar
    I'll just add my note of thanks to this growing list. Basenotes is indispensable. In the days it was gone, I actually had the notion that Basenotes should be "nationalized", i.e. sort of become part of a "national trust of websites" so that it becomes totally robust and everlasting for now and all time. The world *needs* Basenotes and there should be redundant systems so if one goes down, it can be replaced in a millisecond by the backup, just as they have in the space shuttle, etc. Actually someone should introduce legislation about this in Parliament. Not just for Basenotes but for all such sites that have become international hits. As someone posted: "How can you run a fragrance business without Basenotes?"
  4. Renaissance_Man's Avatar
    Thanks Grant! What a stressful situation for you and all of us!
  5. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by bogsc
    Grant, this sounds like a nightmare. Thank you so much for all your hard work on restoring Basenotes!

    Anyone else having difficulty getting into settings? I can get into profile but every time I try to go into settings I get an error message this am so can't seem to access my mailbox/subscriptions, etc. Also, can't seem to post scent of the data. Getting error message about not being able to access database. Wondered if anyone else is experiencing that as well?
    Yes me too !

    Also ,my posts are not being posted or 'disappearing' - this was happening just before the hack too . Atthe time I thought my post was moderated.
    This is my 2nd post here- right now - I can't see my 1st post.
  6. Tarheel Golfer's Avatar

    No apologies necessary. Thank you for this site, and all you do to keep it up and running for us. I hate that this happened, and all that you had to go through to bring it back. As others have said, get some rest.

    One question, though, is one of those plugins what made Tapatalk work on mobile devices?
  7. Madame du Barry's Avatar
    Hacking banks I understand - but Basenotes?
    Grant, you did an awesome job fixing everything. The hackers will rot in hell, with no Internet access - not even a Playstation.
  8. Mimi Gardenia's Avatar
    Thanks very much Grant. I had a nightmare night before last after hearing Basenotes was hacked! Thanks you for all you've done.

    A few things I noticed:
    When I sign in- it still looks like I have not , until I go to 'Today's Posts" then it shows me as logged in- this was happening hours before the attack and it's happening now.
    I can't edit my wardrobe.
  9. Rosehavn's Avatar
    Grant, thanks for all of your work. I appreciate your dedication. Did it cost a lot to get the site running again? Is it time for contributions?
  10. 's Avatar
    Thank you Grant :beer: Just give an IP, and get their bodies!!;)
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  11. Kevin Guyer's Avatar

    Vandalism Sucks!

    Grant, get some rest this weekend. You are a good man.
  12. HighLine's Avatar
    This is sad! Horrible! I wish the hackers would be punished somehow!! I became an official basenotes member not too long ago - but I've been reading basenotes for a least few years. We love you, basenotes!! No matter what!! We'll stick to you in good and bad times!!
  13. Larimar's Avatar
    I too want to thank you for bringing the site back! Your day and night effort is priceless.
  14. Grant's Avatar
    Thanks will look into the errors
  15. laph's Avatar
    Thanks very much for your hard work to get the site back up - greatly appreciated.
  16. Flaconneur's Avatar
    Sorry this situation has caused such a headache for you. Thanks for keeping us informed and for your hard work and time spent.
  17. PerfumedLady's Avatar
    Thank you a million times over,Grant!Please do not apologize for the inconvenience these idiots caused.I'm waving a certain finger in the air at Team Animus,with <3 from America of course!
  18. DuNezDeBuzier's Avatar
    A continued thank you for this and all you do Grant!
  19. andym72's Avatar
    No apologies necessary, you got the site back amazingly quickly.

    If there's anything revenue generating that isn't working, get that going. Anything else... can wait until Monday at the earliest. Have a well needed well earned rest and enjoy the weekend.

    I'd like to find those Swedes, take their "lulz" and stuff it up their... well, somewhere...
  20. dacha's Avatar
    Great to have you back, thanks for all the hard work
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