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  1. 3,000 gallons of perfume

    In the next few days we'll be rolling out updated wardrobes, reviews and directory pages. The last time I did this, it gave me the chance to have a look through the wardrobes and see how many bottles of fragrances we owned between us. That was almost three years ago, and between us we had 93,224 bottles of fragrances.

    Just out of curiosity, I thought I'd have a look and see how many bottles we have between us now (this is just counting people's 'owned' bottles in their wardrobes, so ...
  2. All reviews are now approved...

    If you've submitted a review to Basenotes over the last year, you may notice that sometimes it takes a loooong while to get them approved (some were waiting about 4 months). Well, anyone that has submitted a review before this blog post, should find it on the site tomorrow.

    I'm going to try and keep on top of them now, but the trouble is - when you're a one man outfit*, when you're doing one thing, you aren't doing something else.

    * Not strictly true, we have some lovely ...
    Behind the Scenes
  3. New Wardrobes (Part 1)

    Here's a pic of the wardrobe V.4 that I'm working on. It's basically the same as before, but editing things will be a little easier.

  4. Directory Bug Fix: "Not" gender search now working

    Thanks to those, including Mickeba that pointed it out, I've fixed the searches for "Not Masculine", "Not Feminine" and "Not Shared" in the directory as they had become broken.
    Behind the Scenes
  5. Basenotes is Ten Years old this month

    Basenotes was officially launched in August 2000, making us ten years old this month, which is apparently 70 in Internet years.

    What started as a hobby site in my spare time has grown to something quite big, and while we still have teething problems, we'll get through them as per usual.

    We'll be doing some celebratory stuff in the coming months, but first. A trip down memory lane. (sorry big pics)


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