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  1. fragrance with accents in directory temporarily unaccented [fixed]

    Edit: I've fixed this now -- had a dodgy charset in my header metatags.

    One thing I've always tried hard to do on Basenotes is ensure the names of the fragrances are properly accented. So for example

    Fabergé not Faberge
    Égoïste not Egoiste
    Fraîche not Fraiche etc.

    I tried to re-upload the directory file to the server today using my new mac, and to my horror all of the diacritical marks were rendered as funny squiggles!

    I've tried re-uploading ...

    Updated 27th January 2009 at 07:49 AM by Grant

    Behind the Scenes
  2. test

    just seeing if i've broken the blogs...
  3. Grrrrrr Gmail

    I've been a happy Gmail user since I got an early invite to use it several years ago. But today I think I might have to switch. (currently looking at Thunderbird)

    Normally Gmail will happily download my pop email (anything that goes to an or email address without a hitch)

    After a few days of not really getting any email (which is heaven, but concerning), it seems that Gmail as decided to stop downloading my emails as of about 4 days ago. I ...
  4. I'm a slave to my email :(

    Lets take September 10th as a example...

    I recieved 7299 emails.

    Most were spam, which Gmail did a very good job of getting rid of.

    about 100 were non-spam emails, and all required some sort of action. Some I just needed to read or file, some needed a reply, and others meant I had to do something else.

    Probably about 40 of these I could just look at and archive. Time taken appox 30 sec
    each. Total time 20 minutes.

    The other ...
  5. What Basenotes is made from

    I can't sleep, but I'm to tired to do anything constructive, so I'm going to post a list of all the things I really couldn't do without -- the software and websites I need to make basenotes with.

    Firstly, my trusty iMac. (this one here - though mine isn't always up to these crazy tricks), without which I'd be pretty stuffed. I also like my eeepc, which is pretty useful for catching up with email (gmail) and my rss feeds (Google reader) when I'm doing my full time dad duties.
    Behind the Scenes , Tech
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