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    Yeah, what an interesting bunch of reviews - but I've got to say - those people sure could use a moderator! I'll stick to the reviews here, I think!
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    J'ai transformé en noix de coco crème brulée à la vanille à la fin de la journée...
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    Ok it's past lunchtime. The drydown for this throws up the coconut milk note, transforming me into a pina colada. Without the pineapple.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redneck Perfumisto
    LOL - looks like a great haul.
    thanks RP! it helped that they were going at fire sale prices
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    LOL - looks like a great haul.
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    Thanks to you!!! Carry on with your good reviews...!!!
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    Thanks for the comments and tips guys!
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    That's very good advice. I realized that's (spraying inside collar / cuff etc..) the only way I can get my Iris Pallida 2007 to last all day with a single spray! (instead of less than an hour before i'm nearly anosmic to it on skin..)
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    Sorry to hear this! TDC is definitely a fave, and I was looking forward to this scent.

    There is one hope - provided it's not just the volatility of the parts you like. You may just be unlucky with the aromachemicals having a bad lifetime on your skin. This happens to me sometimes. If the fragrance is starting out good for you, that's a good sign.

    Are you OK with applying the scent to your clothes or hair? This is a trick I use all the time for things which degrade too fast on skin, and especially when they lose their topnotes too quickly on skin.

    It can be a little weird to do this the first time, but I think it's worth it to salvage a pricey purchase like a TDC or a Creed which is being eaten by my skin. And you can get a totally different character out of the scent, too. Many florals work way better for me on clothes than they do on skin.

    Anyway, hope you can make it work. And in any case, thanks for the review!
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    Thanks for the review...I know how you feel...

    I felt the same after buying Marc Jacobs for men the other day in Debenhams, the scent smelled great on the paper card but when I sprayed it on me at home it vanished after 20 mins...very live and learn I suppose !!!
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