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  1. Female Noses and Perfumers - Part 13

    Yosh Perfumer of San Francisco, The Chinese character for Yosh means "fragrant." Yosh Han began her perfuming career in 1994, when she walked into a boutique in Aspen, Colorado. Launched Stargazer 7.71'
    Perfumer with Drom International, created 'Cumbia Colors for Men'

    An Interview with San Francisco-based perfumer, Ineke Ruhland


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  2. Female Noses and Perfumers - Part 12

    Miya Shinma, Japan Studied perfumery in France before launching her own line. She now teaches perfumery in Japan; launched 'Sakura' in 2005

    Miya Shinma
    Jede Duftnote in einem Parfum ist wie der Ton eines Musikinstrumentes in einem Orchester. Wenn wir ein Parfum riechen hören wir ein Orchester. Tausende von verschiedenen Noten vereinen sich, um einen Duft wie eine schöne Melodie zu formen.

    Miya Shinma ist eine junge extrem talentierte Parfumeurin, die es versteht
  3. Female Noses and Perfumers - Part 11

    Nadia Nassif, Parfumer; launched a range of fragrances under the 'L'Orientaliste' banner

    Susie Owen, Perfumer; created 'Child'

    Dorothée Piot, Perfumer with Symrise
    Andy Warhol for Women Andy Warhol 1999 Created by Dorothée Piot, in association with MMI; a fruity-floral fragrance with notes of black current, bergamot, white peach, (headspace) green sea breeze, blue rose, osmanthus, jasmine, heliotrope ...
  4. Female Noses and Perfumers - Part 10
    Madame Zen
    Russian born 'nose'; created fragrances for Lanvin

    Jo Malone
    UK A beautician and skin specialist who launched her own range of fragrance, signature fragrance in 1994; also see under 'Houses'

    Cecile Matton, Perfumer, created 'Marilyn Rouge', 'Valentino Gold' and 'Baby Doll'

    Maria McElroy,
    Perfumer; created 'Aroma A' ...
  5. Female Noses and Perfumers - Part 9

    Victoire Gobin-Daudé,
    Perfumer; established Perfums Gobin-Daudé
    (interview in French)
    portrait of

    Les parfums de Victoire Gobin-Daudé
    "Jardins Ottomans" évoque le Maroc, la terre humide : c'est un parfum ambré, épicé. "Nuit au Désert" est une fragrance boisée, sensuelle. "Biche dans
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